Here we go…

Good evening Internet,

                                     Work’s over, I’ve said hi to the dogs and the fiancée (the dogs picked the order not me), and I’m finally getting started on this blog project.  I’ll give you a quick intro before diving into the purpose behind this blog and what I’m hoping to accomplish here.  As stated in the tagline, I’m a Lieutenant in the US Army.  I have one combat tour in Afghanistan.  I don’t plan on doing this forever, and I’d like to one day be able to throw my hat into the ring as a professional writer.  In that vein, I have a number of things going for me and a number of things that I need to work on, which I’ll elaborate on at a later date.

Onto the blog.

I hope to use this platform to meet and talk with other writers and people who are willing to offer critiques and opinions on my writing.  I have a two month training exercise coming up, and during that time, I hope to make a serious dent in a novel that I’m working on that deals with the ramifications of the Greeks developing industrial technology in the Iron Age.  Upon returning, I’ll be posting it chapter by chapter to see what people think.

What else?

Other than that, I’ll be posting book/author reviews, and discussions about life in the military, self-motivation, and developing as a writer.  I look forward to hearing from you in the future.



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