It’s Good to be Back

Well, I got out of Louisiana alive, learned a bunch about a job that I will never do again two months from now and am now a married man.  Things have changed in the Land of Steve, and in this case the changes have been good.

A few days after my two month training trip to Ft. Polk, I headed up to Illinois to marry my amazing (former) fiancée, Alexandra.  I am coming to you from Grand Cayman where we just spent the better part of the day getting sunburned while feeding stingrays.  She is the only person I know who can get through a book faster than me, but Monster Hunter International is a long book, so I will have a few minutes to work on the blog while she reads.

I am a lucky guy though.  The wedding was great, I got to meet most of her family and see practically all of mine, and I am now married to the kindest, most understanding person that I have ever met.

And she’s really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Like I said; I'm a lucky guy.

Like I said; I’m a lucky guy.

Listening to one of my oldest friends deliver his best man's speech from overseas via Skype

Listening to one of my oldest friends deliver his best man’s speech from overseas via Skype

So, where do we go from here?

Well, I put a serious dent in my first major writing project while I was down in Louisiana.  The Pythagoreans has grown from a 5,000-word caterpillar to a 50,000-word chrysalis (would have been more if my laptop cord hadn’t broken, but I’m over it).  I also read about a dozen books on writing, character development, and creating entertaining fiction that I will now strive to apply to my work.

As for the blog, I will continue to publish chapters of The Pythagoreans on a weekly basis in hopes of getting some of that sweet, sweet feedback that will help me improve as a writer.  Better still, I emailed a few of my favorite authors to see if they would be interested in giving interviews as part of my author profiles project and, to my surprise, many of them responded favorably.

As for my ongoing quest to become a better person who does the hard, right, and smart thing all the time, I definitely learned a substantial amount over the past eight weeks, which I will discuss in its own post.

It’s good to be back, sorry for the hiatus, and I can’t wait to finally get this blog off of the ground.

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