Author Profiles

Twice a month, I will post an interview with a published author where we will discuss everything from their personal background to how and why they write the way that they do.  I will attempt to conduct interviews of authors from a wide variety of genres from both sides of the self/traditional publishing tracks.  Hopefully, this list will provide writers with great advice from successful professionals in the field, fans with more information about their favorite authors, and readers with plenty of intriguing new titles to consider adding to their collections.

If there are any questions that you feel that I should be asking or authors you would like to see interviewed, let me know.

Taylor Anderson (Destoyermen Series)

Leonard Wayne ‘Stoney’ Compton (Alaskan Fiction)

Robert Conroy (Alternate History)

Doug Dandridge (Science Fiction)

Vaughn Heppner (Numerous Science Fiction Series and Invasion: America)

Chris Jackson (Nautical Fantasy)

Sarah Northway (Rebuild Video Game Series)

Brian Staveley (Fantasy)

Zane Sterling (Western Fiction)

Brad R. Torgersen (Science Fiction)

Benjamin Wallace (Humorous Fiction)

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