Writing Projects

Here your the first several chapters of the books that are undergoing final editing.  Feedback is always appreciated; if you have thoughts, comments, or just want to read the rest of the novel, shoot me an email.

The Pythagoreans

-In this Alternate History novel, the followers of the famous Greek sage Pythagoras rally in the wake of his death and fight for the future of science and rational thought in the ancient Mediterranean

Out to Twist

-When a Chicago Police Officer uncovers a terrorist plot, he must enlist a host of allies to help stop them when his superiors are unwilling to take action.

Defend Us in Battle

-An Army Ranger-turned-priest is recruited into a secret unit affiliated with the Vatican Swiss Guard that travels to crisis spots around the world, doing what they can to protect the helpless.  When they discover who sits at the center of a conspiracy to spread chaos and suffering on a global scale, the outgunned Knights of St. Michael must do what they can to stop the modern incarnation of one of the Church’s oldest enemies.

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